Our Committee

Chair: Brian Gash                                       Tel: 01242 609210  e-mail Brian

Secretary: Jenny Mackelworth                              Tel: 01242 602286   e-mail Jenny

Membership Secretary: Mary Roberts       Tel: 01242  603893  e-mail Mary

 Janet Bidwell            Tel: 01242 609157   e-mail Janet Bidwell

Groups’ Coordinator: Rosemary Middlemiss  Tel:01242  602453   e-mail Rosemary

Other committee members

Richard Slessor - Vice-Chair and Newsletter Editor 

John Hilton  -  Vice-Chair

Jane Hawthorn  -  Assistant Membership Secretary and Meetings Co-ordinator

Phil Hawthorn  -  Assistant Interest Group Co-ordinator and Web Master

Maggie Tucker  -  Minutes Secretary

Jan Charlton  -  Venue Co-ordinator



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