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(If you would like to start another group - in a new subject area or to create a new group in an area already covered but oversubscribed, please contact Rosemary Middlemiss in the first instance. Remember, the essence of the Groups - the bedrock of any U3A - is that they are self generated and piloted by ourselves. Don't sit there thinking "I wish there was another Wine Group", or whatever - contact us and we will show you how to make it happen!)

An archaeology group is likely to start soon – Dave Charlton has offered to be the lead
contact. We have a list of people who expressed interest when our U3A first started, but please contact Rosemary (, 01242 602453) if you would like to be added.

Gardening will now be led by Natalie Stone, and concentrate on National Garden Scheme and other garden visits.

Art for all
This new group will meet on the last Monday of each month from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., in Winchcombe Library.
The library is a warm, comfortable venue with good light and tea- making facilities.
Accomplished artists and complete beginners are all welcome, and there will be an opportunity for everyone to learn new things. 
The plan is to have a different topic every session, such as: trying out different mediums, e.g 

  • pastels
  • drawing techniques, e.g. perspective 
  • still life
  • modelling for each other
  • designing greetings cards on a theme
What we do each week will depend on the interests of the group members, and ‘any sort of art will do’. Of course, if some people just want to come along and do their own thing, that’s fine too, but hopefully they will be willing to share tips with others, and socialise over a cuppa halfway through the session! (I know what it’s like when you start concentrating on art; you can blank out everyone else out without even realising it!)
The cost will be £10 for at least three sessions (the more people that join, the more sessions will be booked).
Sheila Talbot

The first book club is quite full, so Jo Rees  (click on the blue type to mail Jo), has started a new group. The group will meet monthly, in members' homes at 2.30 on the fourth Monday of each month.

Derek Cooknell would like to start a group called ‘Experiencing Bach through the cantatas’. He writes:
‘If you have enjoyed the music of Handel's Messiah, then you would probably like some of Bach's cantatas. They are of the same form as Messiah, with rousing choruses, beautiful arias and lively and rhythmic instrumental movements. However, unlike Messiah, the cantatas are less well known, and get few live performances. There are a number of reasons for this, but it is certainly not because the music is too difficult.
‘Over the last few years, several ensembles have been making high quality video recordings of the cantatas, which add a new dimension to the experience of listening. Many of these are available on the internet, and offer an excellent introduction to the music. I am suggesting the formation of a group to view and listen to these recordings, and to exchange impressions and opinions of the experience.
‘Primarily my wish is to share my great pleasure in this wonderful music. If you are unsure whether this is for you, then I am happy to invite you to come to a preliminary meeting to see what is on offer.
Good facilities for viewing and listening are available, and there would, ofcourse, be some refreshments. Please feel free to contact me either by telephone (01242 604268), or by e-mail ( If there is enough interest, I will attempt to find a date which is convenient for as many members a 

Qiqong Is starting up again!

Cleeve Room, Abbey fields 17h-18h

10 April, 8 May, 12 June, 7 August 2019

Qigong teaches a series of graceful, flowing movements that combine meditative stillness and motion. These practices deepen“presence awareness” through physical and energetic alignment and instil a sense of well-being and balance. 

Qiqong sessions will take place once amonth in the Cleeve Room Abbey Fields. The instructor always reminds participants when the next session will take place.
Please contact JoAnne Freeman - by clicking on JoAnne in blue here! 

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